Harry Kane's
Cover Art Gallery

Featuring books from outside the realm of The Three Investigators.
Beyond Endurance

Publisher/Year: Science Research Associates, Inc./Western Pub.; 1962
Format: Paperback
Author: William Bixby
Internal Illustrations: 6 full pages by Kane

Notes: This is the 43rd title in the Pilot Library Series and Kane may have illustrated others in this series.  32 pages.
The Big Book of Tricks and Magic

Publisher/Year: Random House; 1962/1966
Format: Picture Cover Hardbound
Author: James R. Blackman
Internal Illustrations: Uncredited Photos

Notes: The earliest printings of this book do not feature the Harry Kane cover but instead feature comedian Jerry Lewis.  It wasn't until 1966 that the cover art was changed to what you see on the left.  55 pages.

Publisher/Year: Golden Press; 1954/1964.
Format: Paperback
Author: Jay Clark
Internal Illustrations: various artists including Nino Carbe, Hans Helwig, Bob Kuhn and Harry Kane

Notes:  A very small book measuring only 4" x 5"; 48 pages. This book had many printings and the earliest ones may not feature Kane artwork. 
#5 The Boys' Life Book of Outer Space Stories
#7 The Boys' Life Book of Flying Stories

Publisher/Year: Random House; 1964
Format: Picture Cover Hardbound
Author: Each book contains 10 stories by various authors.
Internal Illustrations: Each has 9 full-page black and white illustrations.

Notes:  Three Investigators artist Ed Vebell illustrated two of the "sports stories" books in this series.
The Beaver Hunters

Publisher/Year: St. Martin's Press; 1964
Format: Hardbound with Dust Jacket
Author: Richard Banks
Internal Illustrations:  Features 9 full-page illustrations by Harry Kane.

Notes: The cover is actually a pen and ink drawing, color was added later by someone in the publisher's art department.  Some of the drawings from this book were in the New York collection.
Red Skelton's Favorite Ghost Stories 
(Formerly: A Red Skel(e)ton In Your Closet)

Publisher/Year: Tempo Books (Grosset & Dunlap); 1968
Format: Paperback
Authors: Various (Including 3 stories by Robert Arthur!)
Internal Illustrations: None

Notes: Originally published in hardbound in 1965 with cover art and internal illustrations by another artist.  Harry Kane painted at least 9 cover paintings for various Grosset & Dunlap books in 1968/1969 and the original cover art for this book was in the New York collection.
Danger Below! (Title #23 in the Rick Brant series)

Publisher/Year: Grosset & Dunlap; 1968
Format: Picture Cover Hardbound
Author: John Blaine (pseudonym of Hal Goodwin)
Internal Illustrations: Uncredited

Notes:  Only three original cover paintings from the Rick Brant series are known to exist.  Two are owned by the estate of the author, Hal Goodwin, (#18 Flying Stingaree and #21 Rocket Jumper) and the names of the artists are unknown.  The Harry Kane cover art for #23 Danger Below! was discovered in the New York collection in October, 2003.
Tom Swift and His Dyna-4 Capsule (Title #31 in the Tom Swift, Jr. Series)

Publisher/Year: Grosset & Dunlap; 1969
Format: Picture Cover Hardbound
Author: Victor Appleton II (pseudonym for ?)
Internal Illustrations: Ray Johnson

Notes: A handful of original cover paintings from the Tom Swift, Jr. series are known to exist but the cover for Dyna-4 Capsule is the only one that can be definitely attributed to Harry Kane.  It was discovered in the New York collection in October, 2003.
The Sod Turners

Publisher/Year: Criterion Books; 1970
Format: Hardbound with Dust Jacket
Author: Katherine Marko
Internal Illustrations: Features 10 full-page illustrations by Harry Kane.

Notes: The cover is actually a pen and ink drawing, color was later added by someone in the publisher's art department.  The original illustrations from this book were in the New York collection.
The Lookout Club Series

Titles: Mystery at the Indian Hide-Out
           Mystery at the Haunted House
           Mystery at Fearsome Lake
           Mystery at Rock City
           Mystery of the Dancing Skeleton
           Mystery at Ghost Lodge
           Mystery at the Weird Ruins
           Mystery at the Echoing Cave

Publisher/Year: Educational Reading Service, Inc.; 1971
Format: Paperback
Authors: Christine Noble Govan and Emmy West
Internal Illustrations: Various artists including Frederick T. Chapman, Irv Doktor, Stephen Serrano and Joseph Papin.  None by Kane.

Notes: These 8 books in the ERS, Inc. edition were originally published in the 1950's and 1960's in hardbound dust jacketed editions by Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. which didn't feature Harry Kane cover art. There were other titles in the Lookout Club series but ERS chose to publish only these 8 titles and they hired Harry Kane to create colorful new cover art.  At least one of these 8 titles (Weird Ruins) was simultaneously published by Young Readers Press, Inc. in October, 1971.
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How To Buy More For Your Money

Publisher/Year: Doubleday and Company, Inc.; 1942/1947
Format: Hardbound with Dust Jacket
Author: Sidney Margolius
Internal Illustrations: Ten very simple line drawings by Harry Kane.  These appear in the first three chapters of this twenty chapter book.

Notes: Harry Kirchner changed his name to Harry Kane prior to 1942.
Amsco School Publications

Titles: Action Stories of Yesterday and Today; 1971
           Stories That Live; 1973
           Stories From the 4 Corners; 1975

Publisher: Amsco School Publications, Inc.
Format: Paperback
Authors: Various.  Edited by Ralph V. Cutlip.
Internal Illustrations: One full-page illustration for each of the fifteen or sixteen stories in each book.

Notes: About a dozen of the illustrations from Stories That Live and Stories From the 4 Corners were in the New York collection.  They appeared to be drawn on acid-free paper.  Ralph V. Cutlip, the editor of each book, contributed five or six of his own short stories to each book.  Designed for use in schools, there are vocabulary building exercises at the end of each story.