Vintage Letters from the
Random House T3I Files

Kin Platt
Kin Platt's (Nick West's) hand-drawn map of Jungle Land for #16 The Mystery of the Nervous Lion, circa Feb./March 1971.  In a letter to Mr. Platt from editor Eugenia Frisse (Fanelli) dated March 25, 1971, Ms. Frisse thanks Mr. Platt for his "revised, retyped and (fully) illustrated manuscript".  She especially loved this map of Jungle Land and said she might even frame it!  Take some time to decipher Mr. Platt's handwriting.  Unless you are about as exciting as a piece of unbuttered toast, you'll find some real humor here!  Kin Platt was a complicated man who, like most of us, certainly had his share of troubles in life but he could also make light of things and carry on.  I've no intention of publishing the Kin Platt/Nervous Lion correspondance any time soon but it's worth noting that the working title for this book was "The Mystery of the Limping Lion".