The Secret of Skeleton Island


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(South Africa) - Send pictures & resume ASAP to: Details Are only Available By Subscription.. Title: THE THREE INVESTIGATORS AND THE SECRET OF SKELETON ISLAND. EXEC PROD, Sytze van der Laan, Stuart Pollok; PROD, Ronald Kruschak; DIR, Florian Baxmeyer; SCR, Philip Lazebnik, Thomas Walendy, Ronald Kruschak, David Howard. Shoot Dates: June, 2005 (in South Africa).

Jupiter Jones: 10-12. He's a brainy boy whose manner of speech and mental peregrinations are more reminiscent of Sherlock Holmes than a mere child. And indeed, Jupiter is a mini-Holmes in his own right, a brilliant deductive reasoner and crack investigator who has never met a problem he couldn't solve, or a criminal he couldn't expose. He and his two best friends, Pete and Bob, are The Three Investigators, a crime-fighting team that has never failed in the solving of a mystery, however dangerous or arcane. Fresh from a typical triumph, Jupiter and his buddies decide to take a vacation from sleuthing and head for Skeleton Island for a little R&R. However, once there, they find themselves dogged by what may well be the spirit of a vengeful Aztec princess who has apparently targeted them as her next victims. Lead.

Lead; Pete Crenshaw: 10-12. He's the athlete of the group, a fit and cool customer who has the brains, courage and daring of someone twice his age. An intrepid member of The Three Investigators, Pete provides his buddy Jupiter with brawny backup in tight situations. An allaround sports star, he has occasion to test his physical abilities to their utmost during their perilous "vacation" on Skeleton Island. Instead of the rest and recreation they had anticipated, he and his buddies are soon hot on the trail of a mysterious and ominous figure, reputed to be the vengeful ghost of an Aztec princess who holds the secret to Montezuma's lost treasure. Lead.

Bob Andrews: 10-12. Bob is a bit of a character, smaller than his pals and not as outwardly heroic. However, as the "records and research" specialist, he's a vital part of The Three Investigators - and he's also a pretty cool customer in a crisis, despite his bookwormish and unprepossessing appearance. A neat freak and a statistics buff, Bob joins his pals for a "vacation" on remote Skeleton Island - and soon finds himself swept up in the adventure of a lifetime, stalked by a ghostly Aztec princess who is not quite what she seems. Lead.

Chris: 10-12, Hispanic. She's stowed away on Skeleton Island, where her father is currently working on the new amusement park. She and the other indigenous people of the island are not thrilled by the disruptive new development, which threatens their ancestral way of life. When her father falls afoul of the law for a crime he did not commit, Chris turns to The Three Investigators for help in her predicament, and later finds herself running for her life from a murderous adversary. Lead.

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