Here are some signatures and writing samples from many of the authors and artists associated with The Three Investigators series including Alfred Hitchcock, authors Robert Arthur, Dennis Lynds (William Arden), Gayle Lynds (G.H. Stone), Kin Platt, M.V. Carey, William McCay and Peter Lerangis. Artist's signatures found below are those of Harry Kane, Ed Vebell, Stephen Marchesi and Robert Adragna.  I've also included the signatures of German Three Investigators author Andre Marx and German Three Investigators cover artist Aiga Rasch.  The purpose in allowing these signatures to be viewed is so that collectors fortunate enough to obtain autographed books or other material can verify or help determine the authenticity of the signature.  I would like to include the signatures of any author or artist involved with The Three Investigators or the Crimebusters series.  Can anyone help me out here?  Absolute guaranteed authenticity is required.
Dennis Lynds/William Arden autograph
Gayle Lynds/G.H. Stone autograph
Stephen Marchesi signature from 1978 cover art for TERROR CASTLE
2001 Ed Vebell autograph
2001 Stephen Marchesi autograph
Andre Marx autograph 2001
German cover artist Aiga Rasch autograph 2001
Another Aiga Rasch signature, 2001
Yet another Aiga Rasch signature, 2001
William "Bill" McCay signature from 2002.
Robert Arthur, Jr.:

This signature comes from my copy of the Hampton High School's 1926 Yearbook, The Krabba, which contains several photographs of Robert Arthur.  One page of the book features photos of some of the students when they were very young children and the original owner of this book had Robert Arthur sign his childhood photo. Elizabeth Arthur confirms that the photo is of her father at about age three and she is reasonably certain that the signature is authentic.
Dennis Lynds (William Arden) and Gayle Lynds (G.H. Stone):
Kin Platt (Nick West):

Probably very few, if any, Three Investigators books were signed by Kin Platt.  However, it's not uncommon to find his signature along with a self-caricature in other books that he wrote.  Pictured to the right is Mr. Platt's signature penned on April 8, 1971 in San Francisco just after he wrote his two Three Investigators books. 

Mr. Platt's son, Christopher, kindly authenticated this signature. 
M.V. (Mary Virginia) Carey:

This signature is courtesy of Three Investigators fan Christopher Allin who received a couple of letters from Ms. Carey in the early 1980's.
William "Bill" McCay:

Author of 3 Investigators Crimebusters #4 and #8.
Andre Marx:

German Three Investigators author.
Harry Kane:

Harry Kane signed only a handful of his Three Investigators illustrations and paintings.  This signature is on the protective overlay of the original cover painting for "Coughing Dragon."
Ed Vebell:
Stephen Marchesi:

The scan pictured to the right is Stephen Marchesi's signature on his painting for the 1978 paper-back cover art for "Terror Castle" while the signature below is from the summer of 2001.
Robert Adragna:

Here are some Robert J. Adragna signatures from various pieces of original artwork and books in my collection spanning a period of 50 years! He signed his original Three Investigators paintings and you can see those signatures on the books. The signature to the right dates from the 1980's while the two immediately below date from 1964. Further down is a more current signature dating from 2014.
Aiga Rasch:

The different signatures of the German Three Investigators artist.
Peter Lerangis:

Author of  3 Investigators Crimebusters #9.
Sir Alfred Hitchcock:

Authentic Hitchcock signatures are not easy to acquire and forgeries abound.  This one was purchased in a charity auction for cancer research and came from the personal Hollywood memorabilia and autograph collection of actor Paul Valentine.  The signature is in a Random House hardbound edition of "Terror Castle" which lists 22 titles on the back cover and has white endpages (c. 1974).  It matches other Hitchcock signatures from that time period and, for what it's worth, has a certificate of authenticity.
Roger Loveless:

Two signatures from Roger Loveless, cover artist for seven of the twelve Bullseye paperbacks. Below is his signature on his original "Screaming Clock" painting from 1991.  To the right is his signature from 2010.
Walter Retan:

The original T3I editor who worked with both Robert Arthur and Harry Kane.  Below is his formal signature, to the right is a sample of his handwriting and initials as found on many of the Harry Kane preliminary illustrations for T3I.
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