The Three Investigators in:
The Curse of the
Mysterious Traveler
Fan Fiction by Mark Zahn
Illustrated by Martha Schwartz
The man's ice-blue eyes darted about from Hans to Konrad, and then back to Jupiter.  Realizing he was outnumbered, the mysterious traveler tucked his knife back inside his jacket and backed away.

"You will regret this, boy!  All of you!  I shall return to claim what is mine - mark my words!  But before I depart I shall leave you with what the Gypsies call a shiver, but you will know it as a curse!"

The mysterious traveler closed his eyes and raised his hands to the sky.  His voice rang out in a horrible moan that made Pete and Bob's hair stand on end.  "I summon the vanquished demons of the earth, wind, fire, and sea.  I beckon the great spirit of Baradda!  I summon the blackness from the four corners!  Hear me - hear me as I invoke your terrible curse!"